Travel Tips

We've done a lot of traveling to collect our gallery photographs and during those journeys we've collected tips for making the next trip easier.

Things to bring
Things to do
  • Take your hotel's business card with you while you explore; make it easy to get back if you don't speak the language
  • Make friends with your cabbie, get their mobile number, and call them for your return trip
  • Carry-on whenever possible; travel light and avoid the pilfering by airport staff. Downside is 3oz limit for liquids
  • Cubeze for camera gear; makes any bag a camera bag


  • Mogics Bagel - a very compact power strip + dual USB charging ports + universal power plug adapter.
  • AUKEY Arcs Wired Headphones - these inexpensive headphones block out the screaming kids and engine noise during flights and sound great. If you lose them, no big deal, since they don't cost much. I've used numerous noise cancelling headphones in the past, but these are MUCH more effective and compact.
  • SD/SDHC Memory Card Case - I use this to store and track my memory cards while on a trip. I start with all unused cards showing their label, then as I use them I store them label-side down.